Uploading your English certification

Poster:Post date:2018-04-19
  1. As the rule of Office of Academic Affairs, students are required to personally upload their English certifications and then bring the certification to the office for examination. (For those who already submitted their certification, please tell assistant you did)
  2. The latest date for uploading your English certification is the semester you will be graduating in. (First semester will be no later than January 31th and second semester will be no later than the week after the classes end.)
  3. Website for uploading http://sinfo.ais.tku.edu.tw/MvcLicense/Home/IndexE .Please use your student ID and password to login.
  4. Please upload your English certification on time so you don’t delay your graduation time.
  5. For those whose mother language is English, please go to the English Department (FL207) for the English certification and give that to the Office of Academic Affairs.

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