Thesis Oral defense and the graduation procedure

Poster:Post date:2018-04-19

1. Before the thesis oral defense:
(1) Please go to the system ( http://w4.emis.tku.edu.tw/thesis ) and download these forms from the platform.
i. Sign form for the oral defense committee members.(1 copy)
ii. Oral defense evaluation form. (3 copies)
iii. Oral defense results notice. (1 copy)
(2) Please come to the office 1 week prior to the oral defense for the fee and receipt for the oral defense, thesis advisor.

2. After the thesis oral defense:
After passing your thesis oral defense, you should revise your thesis in accordance to the opinion of your thesis oral defense committee. Within ONE MONTH after your oral defense, you need to submit the following documents to the program coordinator and complete all necessary administrative procedures (Program Office→Library→Registration Section of the Office of Academic Affairs) to turn in all documents to school. If you fail to fulfill the procedure in time and result in expiration, you will be responsible for it.
(1)Enter Tamkang University’s electronic degree thesis/dissertation service system (ETDS). Create your own profile and download the authentic copy. Please see detailed instruction in the following link. (http://etds.lib.tku.edu.tw) In order to promote national digital thesis/dissertation database, please allow your thesis/dissertation for public electronic download. After opening your profile, please notify the program coordinator to check and confirm so that the system will automatically send you the notification to see whether you meet the requirement or not.
(2)After final revision of your thesis, you need to submit SIX COPIES to the program office. Three copies will be kept in the program office, and you need to send the other three copies to the library for check-up. In addition, you are required to send copies to your oral defense committee members. (One copy sent to the Library requires the authentic original copy with the signature of your oral defense committee members, and the rest two copies are with photocopies.) (Your authorization to view your thesis should be placed in the first page of your thesis.)
(3)Download and complete the form of “Empty Graduation Procedure List for Graduate School Students” through http://sinfo.ais.tku.edu.tw/tkuGrd/HomeE
(4)Return all books borrowed from either the Program office or Library.

※Please bring your student ID card and stamp to obtain your diploma along with the above four documents.
※Please get your diploma during the office hour of the Registration Section of the Office of Academic Affairs.

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